Share Market Wrap 15 Sept 06

In the current calendar year there are plenty of people who have achieved flat or even negative portfolio returns. Although investors do not like this, they must realise that whenever they invest directly there will always be times when their portfolio will do exceptionally well whilst at other times the returns will be flat or fall away. The point is that the good times never last and neither do the bad times, therefore educated investors know that if they continue to invest in good quality shares, their portfolio will achieve good returns over time.  
The heavy falls in the market earlier this week have provided the pull back I have been expecting. As I indicated in my last report, I expected the market to fall for at least one to two weeks, so it is quite possible that the All Ordinaries Index will rise next week although we still need to be cautious as it may still fall for another week. If the market does move up next week I expect it will continue to rise to around 5200 points, and in the process provide many great buying opportunities while other stocks will regain lost ground from the past few months.