Managing Your Share Investments Successfully

One of the key criteria to astute investing is to consider when and how you will take your profits – in other words, you need to consider your exit strategy before you invest. Most investors never give this any consideration because when they invest they expect the asset to rise. And while the asset may  […read more]

Share Market Success Your 3 Golden Rules

By Dale Gillham I was recently talking with an auditor of self-managed super funds who claimed that more than 90% of the funds he audited were either running at a loss or achieving at best a 5% return. The poor performance was simply attributed to the investors’ lack of knowledge in how to select stocks  […read more]

Why ‘Buying and Holding’ Shares for the Long Term is Not a Good Strategy

Pick up any investment magazine and you will undoubtedly find an article sprouting the importance of investing for the long-term to achieve financial independence. And while this is true, you will often find that the article favours one particular investment over another depending on the writer’s bias. Indeed, the perennial debate comparing the returns on  […read more]

Share Market Wrap 7th Dec 07

While the recent sub-prime mortgage market meltdown has created significant volatility in the share market, it has also brought with it the graphic realisation of the close relationship that exists between the share and cash markets. One such relationship is the currency carry trade between the Australian dollar and Japanese Yen, which involves borrowing Japanese  […read more]

Share Market Wrap 30th Nov 07

The ASX launched its CFD platform on 5 November with 16 listed ASX equities and in less than a month it now has 50 listed equities, foreign exchange, indices and gold CFDs. While the ASX brand adds creditability to this product, I am concerned that it may give the retail market a false sense of  […read more]

Share Market Wrap 16th Nov 07

We have now entered the last week of the election campaign, and I believe no matter who wins there are two things that will occur for sure. One is that inflation will rise and the other is that interest rates will continue to rise. Up until now the rising Australian dollar has protected the economy  […read more]

Share Market Wrap 9th Nov 07

While there have been rumours that BHP has been contemplating a merger with RIO, the rumour is now official following the announcement last week by BHP that it had written to the board of RIO outlining its plans, RIO has rejected the offer, but are open to sell at the right price.  Irrespective, the question  […read more]

Share Market Wrap 2nd Nov 07

Last week the ATO announced that it was relaxing the rules for SMSF in regards to leveraging, and whilst the industry is still grasping with exactly what these new rules will mean for Australians, on the surface it looks to be a positive move.  However, if the new rules mean that investors will be able  […read more]

Share Market Wrap 26th Oct 2007

New research conducted by Standard and Poor’s highlights that financial services professionals are ignoring SMSF investors, and failing to provide them with the necessary education and tools to adequately manage their investments. No doubt, this stems from the fact that there is no long term gain in providing services to the DIY market. Yet SMSFs  […read more]

Share Market Wrap 19th Oct 07

With the ASX launching its new listed CFD product in November, there has been an influx of attention in the media with many suggesting that the demand for this product will be strong. Not surprisingly there has also been an increase in advertising from other providers, no doubt, in an effort to maintain market share.  […read more]