Share Market Wrap 26th September 2008

[youtube][/youtube] Australia’s personal wealth has been hit hard over the past year, which in my opinion has been attributable, in part, to hedge funds forcing share prices lower through short selling. Last weekend ASIC announced a ban on naked and covered short-selling of all securities, managed investment products and stapled securities, which I believe is  […read more]

Share Market Wrap 19th September 2008

There is an age old industry adage that implies the simplest way for mum and dad investors to build wealth when trading the share market is to dollar cost average. The methodology requires you to make regular investments regardless of the direction of the market or the stocks you are trading. However, in my opinion  […read more]

Share Market Wrap 12th September 2008

[youtube][/youtube] In July 2008 a number of experts were forecasting parity between the Australian and US dollar, however, since then the Australian dollar has fallen to below 80 cents US, which represents a discount of nearly 20% on the exchange rate. So what drove the disparity and what does it mean for the Australian consumer?  […read more]

Share Market Wrap 5th September 2008

[youtube][/youtube] Despite oil prices falling around 23% over the past two months, we are still paying high prices at the pump. The reason for this is that the Australian dollar has also fallen around 14% against the US dollar during the same period, which has effectively eroded any benefit from lower oil prices. If the  […read more]

Share Market Wrap 29th August 2008

[youtube][/youtube] Next Tuesday the RBA will meet again and it is almost certain, given the current economic conditions, that the official interest rate will be reduced. It is also likely that we will see further cuts over the next year which is exciting news for those who currently hold high levels of debt. Reducing interest  […read more]