Share Market Wrap 21th November 2008

Everyday we are being bombarded with news about the demise of the world’s share markets and economies moving into recession. While the media’s job is to sell papers, all this doom and gloom is becoming a little too monotonous. As we know the market is driven by changes in market sentiment, which tends to correlate  […read more]

Share Market Wrap 7th November 2008

There is an old saying that markets don’t crash at the top but rather at the bottom simply because investors don’t panic at the top given that their shares have made money and they mistakenly believe prices will return to previous levels. This has certainly been the case in the current bear market given that  […read more]

Share Market Wrap 31st October 2008

[youtube][/youtube] During the past month investors have sold investments and moved their funds into cash following the announcement by the government to guarantee cash deposits in attempt to allay fears from the fallout of the credit crunch. But you have to ask whether moving funds into cash is really a smart move for investors? In  […read more]