The Over Use of Margin Lending by Storm Financial

[youtube][/youtube] In the past week, Storm Financial has been exposed in the papers with claims that their clients are facing significant margin calls and, in some cases, financial ruin, as a result of the group’s aggressive gearing strategy. As we all know, gearing provides investors with the ability to magnify their gains during the good  […read more]

Time in the market V Timing the market

[youtube][/youtube] There has been a significant increase, of late, in the number of industry experts espousing the benefits of ‘time in the market’, with claims that investors are better off than if they had tried to ‘time ‘the market’ over the past 12 to 18 months. What always strikes me as interesting is that many  […read more]

Share Market Wrap 5th December 2008

[youtube][/youtube] Given the current market conditions, listed companies are being closely scrutinised by the industry with respect to their debt levels which are expected to be in the order of 30-50%.But this poses an interesting question. Why does the same industry allow individuals to take on significantly greater risk by borrowing up to 70% of  […read more]

Dale Gillham Media Showreel


Share Market Wrap 28th November 2008

[youtube][/youtube] For over a year BHP has been aggressively pursuing a takeover of RIO, however, it surprised the market this week by calling it off. Whilst the announcement was enough to cause a rally in the price of BHP, the same cannot be said for RIO as its shares fell around 35%. RIO has now  […read more]