Renewed interest in the Market

This month has seen a renewed interest in the banking sector, especially since the US announced its latest package to support the financial industry. Of the big Australian four banks, WBC has risen around 19 per cent, while NAB and CBA have each risen around 20 per cent, with the standout performer being ANZ having  […read more]

Education is essential in the Share Market

[youtube][/youtube] Last week I was in Malaysia speaking at the Asian Traders and Investors Convention and I have to say I was I surprised that many of the attendees had little or no knowledge yet they were attempting to trade highly leveraged markets such as futures and currencies. Now it would seem logical to me  […read more]

Will the Stimulus Work?

The government is at it again, handing out more money to Australians in the hope they will spend it to stimulate the economy. But with the significant rise in the unemployment figures, I am sure most people will be worried about their job and the security of their family over the next 12 months. Given  […read more]

Dale in the Media

Dale Gillham will be once again featuring on the Sky Business Channel programs “Market Moves” at 6:30-7:00pm and then again on “Your Money, Your Call” from 7:00 – 8:00 pm EST tonight, Channel 602 on FOXTEL and AUSTAR. Dale has also recently featured on in the interviews entitled “Slow and Steady” and “Wealth Within  […read more]

Good Marketing or Good Investment?

[youtube][/youtube] I received an interesting newsletter from a prominent investment institution this week attempting to allay investor’s fears in regard to the share market. Obviously many investors are either leaving the managed funds preferring to invest directly or they are simply losing faith that the funds can deliver. What concerned me most about the newsletter  […read more]