Banks Hold Back on Community Support

[youtube][/youtube] The banks decision this week to put up fixed term interest rates on mortgages has shown once again that they are more interested in profiteering than supporting the community. In the past the local bank manager was considered the most respected member of the community but these days you are lucky to see a  […read more]

A Fascination with Telstra

[youtube][/youtube] Australia’s fascination with Telstra continues despite the news that the company may not be involved in the National broadband network being proposed by the government. People love to own this stock yet for the life of me I cannot understand why. Telstra floated in November 1997, and while the stock rose over the first  […read more]

Self Funded Super Suffers

[youtube][/youtube] Official interest rates fell once again this week, which is great news for those with home loans, but if you are a self funded retiree you are most likely suffering in the current low interest rate environment. As we all know self funded retirees get little support from the government, yet these are the  […read more]

Dale in the Media

Dale Gillham will be once again featuring on the Sky Business Channel program “Your Money, Your Call” from 7:00 – 8:00 pm EST tonight, Channel 602 on FOXTEL and AUSTAR. Dale has also recently featured on in the interviews entitled ‘Invest in Innovation’ , ‘Changing Empires’ and ‘Direct Investment’

Impact from the G20

[youtube][/youtube] The Australian market has risen strongly over the past 17 day trading days since the low on 10 March and it looks as if the rise is set to continue. As a comparison, the market rose for 32 trading days following the previous long term low in March 2003 before falling for two weeks  […read more]