Tax Schemes Fall From Grace

[youtube][/youtube] The collapse of Great Southern Plantation and Timbercorp raises concerns as to how two companies with similar investments could fall from grace so quickly. It also begs the question whether these types of investments should even be considered by investors. These products are generally offered as a tax incentive scheme by accountants and financial  […read more]

Speculation in the Market

[youtube][/youtube] The recent outbreak of swine flu has sent speculators scrambling to buy into Biota, the company responsible for the Tamiflu vaccine in the hope of making a quick dollar. But is this really smart investing or just plain gambling? On Friday 24 April Biota closed at $0.87 before rising 78.16 per cent to a  […read more]

Capital Gains Tax

Regardless of what you think of the budget, there is one thing that is certain and that is there will be hard times ahead for all Australians. In my opinion not enough is being done to encourage people to invest and become self funded in retirement, instead the government creates policies that in the long  […read more]

Dale on Sky Business News

Dale Gillham will be once again featuring on the Sky Business Channel program “Your Money, Your Call” from 7:00 – 8:00 pm EST Thursday the 14th , Channel 602 on FOXTEL and AUSTAR.

Advisers Fail to Manage

[youtube][/youtube] Over the past few months I have heard many people complain about the perceived lack of value they have received from their adviser in regard to their investments. I believe this is because many advisers fail to adequately manage portfolio risk, instead preferring to advise their clients to ride out the market volatility. The  […read more]

A Review of NAB

Despite the current economic crisis, National Australia Bank shareholders should be very happy with the bank’s profit result this week. The bank posted a first half year profit of 2 billion dollars, which equates to approximately $100 profit for every Australian. NAB has continued to improve their profits in recent years although this has not  […read more]