Buying Cheap

It is common in the share market for investors to buy a stock simply because it is falling in value and considered cheap. Cheap implies that you will get a bargain, which maybe the case when you shop at the supermarket but this mindset is not the best strategy to adopt when investing in the  […read more]

Institutions Reduce Cash Reserves

[youtube][/youtube] Australian’s have been in a negative savings pattern for almost a decade as they continue to borrow more than they earn. This has been fueled by the easy lending polices and heavy promotion from institutions offering credit. While in the current environment the impact has not been as severe as what has unfolded in  […read more]

Superannuation Investment

[youtube][/youtube] With the changes announced by the government’s recent budget in regard to superannuation, many Investors are now looking to top up their super fund prior to the end of the financial year. But I would question whether this is really a wise move. For over 20 years, superannuation has been promoted by governments and  […read more]

Avoiding the Recession

[youtube][/youtube] The economic figures released this week suggest that the economy is in a better condition than many expected, however, is this outcome really a product of good management or good luck? What has worked in the governments favour is that the Australian dollar traded below the $0.70 USD level for most of the March  […read more]