Telstra why would you own it? Upfront Investor Share Market Report 21-09-09

 [youtube][/youtube] I have said it before and I will say it again, for the life of me I cannot understand why anyone would want to own Telstra, it just does not make good investment sense. The government doesn’t want it, that‘s why they sold it, and recently the Future Fund sold out its holdings in  […read more]

Share market scams. Upfront Investor Share Market Wrap 14/9/09

[youtube][/youtube] I read with interest an article in the September Choice magazine on option educators and their wealth creation seminars. The article states that options╒ trading is primarily promoted by educators as a ╘high profit low risk╒ strategy to make money in rising and falling share markets. Options educators have been renowned for making promises  […read more]

Beware of the get rich quick. Upfront Investor market wrap 1-09-09

[youtube][/youtube]When talking to people about investing in the share market, I often get asked how much should I invest? This question usually stems from the person’s perception of the return they will make on their capital. But they may as well ask me how long is a piece of string as there are so many  […read more]