LEI in a takeover battle

We have been watching the battle going on between German company Hochtief and Spanish company ACS as it is having an impact on Leighton Holdings (LEI) and we thought you might be interested in hearing about it. Click here

Telstra’s Annual General Meeting

There is an old saying that you should not kick a dog whilst it is down, but in the case of Telstra which in my opinion is one of the dogs of the Australian share market it is hard not to do so. The government past and present in its bid to create competition and  […read more]

Upfront Investor Australian Share Market Report 19/11/10

Consolidation in the banking industry, aided by government and financial regulators, has in my opinion unwound decades of hard work to create more competition in the Australian marketplace. This has, again, seen Australia’s Big Four banks become big fish in a small pond, which I believe is detrimental to the average Australian and counterproductive to  […read more]

Learn Share Trading ASX article on becoming a full time trader part 2

Many people want to learn to share trade or get stock market tips, so far as to learn how to invest or trade the share market successfully. In an effort to educate people on what is required to learn how to trade shares or become a full time share trader I have created this two  […read more]

Learn Share Trading ASX article on becoming a full time trader part 1

In March 2009 the Australian Stock Exchange published the first installment of the two part article that I titled “So you want to be a full time trader” Without my knowledge the ASX changed the name of the article to “Trading Traps” which when published received a lot of interest. Over the following months the  […read more]

ASX newsletter article on company floats

With the QR National float occurring this month, the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) asked me to write an article specifically relating to company floats with a bias to government floats. I must say the results were certainly quite interesting.If you are not subscribed to the ASX newsletter, the November issue in which the article is written has just  […read more]

Upfront Investor Australian Share Market Report 12/11/10 SMSF

The take-up of Self-Managed Super Funds (SMSFs) has almost doubled over the past few years, and in doing so has the large industry and managed superannuation funds facing an ever increasing threat. The number of SMSFs now represent one third of superannuation, with the shift being fuelled by the public’s lack of confidence in the  […read more]

ASX and SGX merger proposal

Hear our thoughts on some of the important aspects of the proposed merger. This is likely to get you talking about the issue. Also, we thought you might like to hear what some investors do when they hear about a takeover or merger announcement. Click here

Upfront Investor Australian Share Market Report 5/11/10

Announcements of mergers or takeovers, often seduce investors into making some very risky decisions. What I have found is that putting money into the share market is regularly treated like taking a punt on the races. Another recent example involves the announcement of the proposed merger between the ASX and Singapore stock exchanges, where the  […read more]