The Australian sharemarket – what happened during 2010, and what will happen in 2011

The Australian share market was a volatile beast in 2010. But what really happened? Where did the money go? Wealth Within chief analyst Dale Gillham, one of the country’s most respected share market commentators, provides a thorough analysis of this year’s market movements, while predicting where the money will go in 2011.  2010 – Where  […read more]

Upfront Investor Australian Share Market Report 17/12/10

Despite the steep price hikes being paid by consumers for their utility services, growth in the Utilities Sector has been sluggish in 2010, rising only around two per cent since the start of the year. I believe that part of this disparity can be attributed to uncertainty around the sale of NSW government retail energy  […read more]

Learn to trade shares. Beware Of False Prophets

This week ASIC has issued proceedings against another share market educator, Click here and again it is aimed at the way they promote themselves. If you follow the link above and type the name of share market educators into the search field, you will be surprised at how many companies ASIC have been watching over  […read more]

Share Trading Or Gambling?

Often trading the share market is compared to gambling. Whilst I understand that in some peoples minds this is true for them, what I don’t understand is why many close themselves off to find out about the opportunities that investing in the share market  brings. Learning to trade the share market is a journey, and  […read more]

Upfront Investor Australian Share Market Report 3/12/10

With ASIC now holding the position of market regulator, and looking to impose tighter controls, many companies may in future be forced to look elsewhere to raise capital. In my opinion a review of the listing rules for the Australian market is long overdue as it has been around a decade since they were put  […read more]

Upfront Investor Australian Share Market Report 26/11/10

This week ASIC released an investor guide entitled ‘Thinking of trading contracts for difference’ aimed at educating retail investors about trading contracts for difference (CFDs). In my experience, however, the guide is unlikely to achieve the outcome ASIC is seeking, particularly because the information has been freely available on the internet for years. For example,  […read more]