Upfront Investor Australian Share Market Report 21/04/11

When looking for growth, investors often attempt to blindly follow the heard as they look for the best bang for their buck. So where is the best bang for your buck right now? Traditionally investors might look to property but currently property prices are forecast to be flat and investors are right to expect that  […read more]

Upfront Investor Australian Share Market Report 08/04/11

Reports indicating a slump in finance for new dwellings, has confirmed cracks are starting to appear in the property market and sparking concerns for both developers and investors. This news follows predictions of a housing bubble being on the horizon for Australia, so does this signal that Australia may now be heading for a property  […read more]

Discover a Practical Framework to Investing

I was asked last year by the editor of a women’s website called RESCU to put together a series of articles to assist women who want to become financially independent. The concepts discussed are not gender specific and therefore are useful for anyone who has the same goal. This particular article uncovers a practical framework  […read more]

Upfront Investor Australian Share Market Report 01/04/11

Australians have become concerned about the rising level of government debt following many spending initiates undertaken over recent years – some successful, others a waste of taxpayer funds. This is why many Australians welcome news about the forthcoming budget cuts, which in my opinion are long overdue. However, not all changes will be welcomed by  […read more]