Upfront Investor Australian Share Market Report 29/07/11

Australian home owners are right to be concerned about recent inflation data, and have been saving money in an attempt to brace themselves for yet another interest rate rise previously flagged for the second half of 2011. But are rates likely to rise or not?  Some experts are saying we can expect the RBA to  […read more]

Upfront Investor Australian Share Market Report 22/07/11

Both major Australian political parties seem to agree in principle with what the climate science is suggesting but the public are still confused when it comes to having a clear understanding of the key points that make up each party’s policy on the subject. Everywhere I go people are arguing about the carbon tax and  […read more]

ASX Investor Hour presentation-Realities of the Australian Share Market

On the 6th July I was invited to present at the ASX Investor Hour in Melbourne and I thought you might like to hear my thoughts on some of the myths that have been created about the market as well as my view on the Australian share market over the next 12 months. During the  […read more]

Upfront Investor Australian Share Market Report 15/07/11

We continually see ASIC working hard to prosecute suspected cases of insider trading involving investments in listed Australian companies, but the reality is that very few cases ever make it to court due to lack of evidence. This is a serious problem in our market, and one I believe most people are largely unaware even  […read more]

Upfront Investor Australian Share Market Report 08/07/11

Australians were relieved this month to hear the Reserve Bank board declare that interest rates will remain on hold at least in short term as economic conditions continue to soften. The decision by the RBA marks the eighth consecutive announcement to maintain the status quo and whilst I agree with the decision, I see it  […read more]

Upfront Investor Australian Share Market Report 01/07/11

This year the Australian Crime Commission released a report indicating that credit card and debit card fraud tripled in Australia in the last three years and that taxpayers forked out $170 million in 2010 to cover this fraudulent activity. What is interesting is that in this environment the banks have decided to allow PIN free  […read more]