Upfront Investor: Why Investors Don’t Listen

Listen to this Australian Share Market Report via audio podcast just click Upfront Investor At this time of year we get bombarded with information in both property and shares from experts about where the best investments can be found for the year. As an expert I too have recorded my thoughts for the year on  […read more]

2012 – What’s in store for the year ahead?

This week Dale Gillham and Janine Cox discussed a number of important topics live online including the volatility observed on Australian and international markets (particularly in Asia) and what’s in store for the year ahead, as well as a forecast for the Aussie dollar which has been inching higher over recent weeks. In this presentation you will also gain an insight into  […read more]

Trading and Investing Opportunities for 2012

Listen to Blake Sterling and Dale Gillham in their two part series podcast on how to profit in 2012. With plenty of share market hints and tips, along with trading strategies and most importantly where to look to find stock to invest and trade this year. Simply click the links below to listen. Trading and  […read more]

Upfront Investor – Who’s Scoring Points

Listen to this Australian Share Market Report via audio podcast just click Upfront Investor The story of the News Limited phone hacking scandal took centre stage around the world for a few months in 2011 when governments got on their high horses joining the stampede against News Limited in what may have just been a point  […read more]

Pulse FM interview with Janine Cox on Talking Wealth

Listen to the latest Pulse FM radio interview with Wealth Within Senior Investment Analyst Janine Cox. In this interview Janine talks about the Australian share market, interest rates, the Australian dollar and QBE amongst other important issues. Visit Talking Wealth to hear this interview.

Upfront Investor – Aussie Blue Chip takes a dive

Listen to this Australian Share Market Report via audio podcast just click Upfront Investor The GFC has taught investors a valuable lesson about the risks of maintaining the strategy to ‘buy and hold’ equity investments, yet despite large losses the majority would rather continue to practice their ‘hope and pray’ strategy as they wait for a recovery  […read more]

Join Dale Gillham tonight on Sky Business Channel

Thought you might like to know that tonight is Dale Gillham’s first scheduled appearance for 2012 on Your Money Your Call on the Sky Business Channel . The show starts at 8 pm (EDST). This is your chance to join in on the conversation or sit back, relax and watch Dale on tonight’s panel. You have the opportunity to gain a valuable insight  […read more]

Wall Street Crisis is Australia heading the same way?

I have just read this article on how the US Investment banks are running a cartel and have been for decades. Not surprising news to me. What was surprising was that the US government sued the investments banks in 1947 and lost. Now the investment banks are bigger and stronger than ever before and the  […read more]