How To Create A Powerful Portfolio

Hi everyone, This is my latest article for the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) monthly newsletter. Titled, “Three rules to a great portfolio”  the article I talk about proper asset allocation, share market tips, diversification, share market risk, portfolio styles and more. The article is valuable whether you are a share trader or share market investor. Access  […read more]

Upfront Investor – Will Obama make a difference in the share market?

Listen to this Australian Share Market Report via audio podcast just click Upfront Investor I for one am glad that the US election is over as we can all get back to normal life. Perhaps, you buried your head in the sand on this issue and missed the result, Obama won. What may interest you  […read more]

Upfront Investor – Who Holds the Wealth?

Every Australian would like to have more money, and research by Credit Suisse in their global wealth report suggests that Australian’s are becoming wealthier and in fact, Australia now holds top spot when it comes to global household wealth. Ask anyone on the street and I am sure many would say that they do not  […read more]