Upfront Investor | Lack of Action = Lack of Wealth….

Research shows that approximately 90 per cent of people who decide to invest in themselves and attend a self-help workshop do very little or even nothing from the time the workshop finishes. Most simply put their notes on a shelf or file them away never to be read again. But this is not why they  […read more]

Upfront Investor | Free Trade Certainly Not ‘Fair Trade’….

While our Prime Minister Tony Abbott gave a speech at the G20 espousing the virtues of free trade, many Australians are still confused about the whole trade equation and struggle to see how we don’t end up losing out as many of our trading partners still slap hefty tariffs on our goods. It shouldn’t just  […read more]

Upfront Investor | Drop the ‘Gamblers’ Approach….

While it is quite common to see uneducated investors with portfolios containing stocks that are low priced with low liquidity, what I often find is these same people would never consider buying into property assets that could be similarly classed, being located outside of major capital cities. Doesn’t this lead you to question how there  […read more]

Upfront Investor | Qantas in a Tailspin….

Qantas, the once mighty national carrier, has suffered another blow, with its credit rating being downgraded to junk status by a second ratings agency inside a month. The ratings agency Moody’s pushed Qantas’ rating below investment grade citing a sharp deterioration in the airline’s core domestic business due to aggressive competition from rival Virgin Australia.  […read more]

Trading Plan- Your Secret To Success In the Share Market


We have all heard the statement ‘If you fail to plan, you plan to fail’. So powerful are these words, yet so few seem to grasp the essence of what they really mean. For years, I have listened to literally thousands of people around Australia share their desire to be financially free. For some, however,  […read more]