Upfront Investor | History Doesn’t Lie….

This reporting season brings to the forefront of mind market principles that few investors understand but really need to know so as to prevent their portfolios being hit when the next market correction occurs. Most have the belief that markets are erratic and unpredictable, however, history tells a completely different story if you know what  […read more]

Upfront Investor | CCL – Look at the Finer Detail

Coca-Cola Amatil (CCL) has been quite brutal in clearing the financial deck ahead of a change at the helm and this has led some to question whether the write down of the SPC business may have been overstated. Investors have a right to be shocked by the recent financial result, which was announced just after  […read more]

Upfront Investor | Throwing Qantas a Lifeline….

It appears the Government may be about ready to throw Qantas a lifeline after the companies Chief Executive, Alan Joyce announced last year that the airline was heading for a half-year loss in the order of $300 million. On this result, Mr. Joyce also signaled measures for cost cutting of around $2 billion over the  […read more]

Upfront Investor | Look to the Past to Discover the Future…

Once again we are about to hear news on US monthly employment numbers, due out this Friday night. Will the news be good or bad for the US economy? According to the FED the economy is in recovery, however currently all indications are that this month’s numbers will again disappoint and show that not enough  […read more]