Wealth Within- Australian Productivity… How This Data Affects You

image of guy representing Australian productivity

David Murray, ex- CBA chief and chairman for an inquiry into our financial system, released findings from a recent inquiry. One area highlighted showed that Australian productivity is not keeping pace with wages growth. My concern is for first home buyers as without wages growth the affordability gap will only widen. Why Australian Productivity is  […read more]

Will Coles Become a Bank?

image of coles supermarket truck

A few years ago, the big diversified Australian Wesfarmers (WES), owner of Coles supermarkets, put a rubber stamp on plans for Coles to expand into finance, and this saw the release of credit cards and insurance products under the Coles brand. Now Coles plans to take their foray into finance to a whole different level  […read more]

Wealth Within- Iron Ore Price: Where Is It Headed Now?

image of mining machinery at work on iron ore mine

By Janine Cox In May, I discussed the iron ore price and the big iron ore miners. I also mentioned how the iron ore price was fast approaching the cost of production for some of the smaller miners and as this occurred we have seen a number of these stocks fall quite hard. Looking at  […read more]

Australian Share Market Report “The ‘Big Four’ Banks”

image of big four Australian banks logos

Australian Share Market Report The release of a preliminary report this week into Australia’s financial system, following an investigation chaired by ex-Commonwealth Bank chief executive David Murray, finds that competition in our banking sector is acceptable. However, can we really be sure that this assessment of the key issues was balanced when members of the  […read more]

Learn To Trade- Tips and traps you need to know

By Dale Gillham The most important priority for traders or those wanting to learn to trade is to enter or exit a trade at the highest probable time in fact the question I get asked most here at Wealth Within by those who want to learn to trade the share market is how to know  […read more]