Stock Trading System-PLAN To Succeed…

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By Dale Gillham One of my early mentors recently asked me to speak on the secrets to share market success for the Geelong Central Rotary Club on the 14th October. Besides my excitement about being able to speak in my home town, the topic was also very exciting to me as I find most people  […read more]

Australian Stock Market Rise- Consumer Sentiment Paving The Way

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By Dale Gillham This week you may have read how consumer sentiment in Australia has dropped back to levels not seen since the 1990’s. Like me, you may remember many things about that period, but consumer sentiment is unlikely to be one of them. As an investor, you simply want to know whether this data  […read more]

Trading System-Why You Should Follow a Solid, Successful One


Well, I’ve been at it again. Over the weekend I was head first into yet another fascinating trading book. I’ve set myself a goal this year to read at least five trading books based around trading psychology or successful traders. You might recall in a previous post I discussed theories and strategies expressed in Mark  […read more]