The Australian Share Market…Is It About To Crash?

Hi Traders,

On Wednesday morning, I received a call from 4BC Talk Radio in Brisbane as they wanted to discuss the market falling heavily on Tuesday, particularly to find out why the Australian Share Market fell and what people should do.

This interview on 4BC reminded me of a conversation I had a few days ago with someone regarding the Australian Share Market, and their comments, that everyone was talking of the Australian Share Market crashing.

What I have done is to put the recording of my 4BC radio interview, about my thoughts on the Australian Share Market, into one of my Talking Wealth podcasts, and I added some commentary for you at the beginning of the interview.

So just click the link below to listen in on the conversation.

TW 578 Dale Gillham interview on 4BC. Is The Market Crashing?

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Dale Gillham

Wealth Within