6th Annual Australian Microcap Investment Conference

Hi there traders, The Microcap conference is on again next week and Wealth Within is once again a proud sponsor of this great event. Each year I personally attend and get some great insights into emerging companies and what they are doing. More importantly looking for future ASX stars to profit from. If you wish  […read more]

Dale Gillham chats with Caroline Stephen of Talking Trading


Understandably many people desire to have the trader’s lifestyle, after all who wouldn’t want to control their own income level and destiny? To have what a trader has you need to do what a trader does, but how do you do that? Listen in to this in-depth interview with expert financial journalist Caroline Stephen of  […read more]

Talking Trading – Wealth Within

Australian Share Market

Dale Gillham Chief Analyst of Wealth Within talks trading A little while ago I caught up with authors and seasoned traders Louise Bedford and Chris Tate for lunch and a chat. Louise brought along her audio recorder, because when we three get together anything can be, and usually is, discussed. Anyone eavesdropping on our conversations  […read more]

Resource Stocks – Our latest article for the ASX

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Below is a small preview of my latest article for the February edition of the ASX newsletter. The ASX have titled it ‘Is it time to buy resource stocks?’ You may want to read some of the other articles we have written for the ASX in recent times so follow this link to our Your  […read more]

The Australian Share Market…Is It About To Crash?

Australian Share Market

Hi Traders, On Wednesday morning, I received a call from 4BC Talk Radio in Brisbane as they wanted to discuss the market falling heavily on Tuesday, particularly to find out why the Australian Share Market fell and what people should do. This interview on 4BC reminded me of a conversation I had a few days  […read more]

Australian Share Market Report-Woolworths time to get in or get out?

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Hi everyone, Woolworths shares have been falling of late, so where is the bottom? Does it have further to go or is now the time to be looking at getting in? Check out our latest Australian share market report for Business First magazine. For other share market hints, tips and trading strategies subscribe to our  […read more]

Share Market Education Students Talk Trading

share market education

Real Share Traders………Real Stories We are often asked for real life stories, of real life traders, by those looking for share market education, so here they are. Are you one of those people who have wondered about whether or not trading is for you, whether or not you could actually successfully undertake a share market  […read more]

Six Successful Share Trading Strategies

Share Trading

By Dale Gillham Read this article and/or listen to the Podcast 571 – Six Keys to Success in the Share Market One area that I am constantly asked about is how to create a share trading strategy. So, in this article I will give you six tips to get you started in creating a solid  […read more]

Wealth Within ASX Newsletter & Media Articles

Australian Share Market

Regular readers will know that we have been writing articles for the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) for years, however trying to find them all is hard even for us. So below I have put quick links to some of the more recent articles written by Wealth Within team members Dale Gillham and Janine Cox for  […read more]

Learn How To Trade- Live Share Trading Workshop


Although we get asked every week, for around eight years Wealth Within has not conducted a public workshop (although we have done the odd presentation or short seminar for the likes of the ASX, ASA and others) preferring to only do them for our traders and students. Well the times they are a changing!! We chose  […read more]