Do You Invest For Income? What You Need To Know.

By Janine Cox Investors who invest for income, get angry when governments tinker with policy which impacts thier investment returns as many, including retirees, rely on income they receive from dividends and franking credits. The proposed change to the company tax rate is one that will see many investors left out of pocket. However, there  […read more]

Australian Share Market-When Will The Bubble Burst?

By Dale Gillham Throughout history investment bubbles come and go, and when they go generally people’s hopes and dreams go with them. Often matters are made worse by commentators talking about bubbles in a way that creates fear, when they ought to be helping us understand the bubble before it bursts. Knowing how bubbles work  […read more]

Trading Plan- Your Secret To Success In the Share Market


We have all heard the statement ‘If you fail to plan, you plan to fail’. So powerful are these words, yet so few seem to grasp the essence of what they really mean. For years, I have listened to literally thousands of people around Australia share their desire to be financially free. For some, however,  […read more]

Upfront Investor 23-05-13 | Opportunity Knocks…

In the world of investing everything generally boils down to our perception of the investment. What I mean by this is we can look at all the numbers but it is how those numbers are promoted or sold to us that determines whether we choose to invest or not. Last week the Federal Government handed  […read more]

Upfront Investor 03-05-13 | New First Home Owners Grant

In an effort to pump up the housing industry and offset the slowdown in the economy the Victorian government has increased the First Home Owner’s grant. I question whether this will achieve anything other than force families to move further out from the city and put pressure on resources by increasing urban sprawl. Today people  […read more]

Upfront Investor 26-04-13 | Future of Financial Advice Reforms

The end of the financial year is fast approaching, and with it the governments Future of Financial Advice (FoFA) reforms for the financial planning industry will come into effect. So much has been written about these reforms over the past year and whilst I agree in principle with many of the reforms, I also know  […read more]

Upfront Investor 19-04-13 | A Fool and His Gold are Soon Parted…

There is an old saying that a fool and his Gold are soon parted, and in recent times we have certainly seen this occur with Gold as speculators attempt to profit from the fall in the price of the precious metal. In the past two weeks alone the price of Gold has fallen as much  […read more]

Upfront Investor 12-04-13 | What a Rise in Margin Lending Really Means

As a share market commentator I often look at investor psychology to help me determine how the market is or will unfold. How investors are reacting to current market conditions is always a good leading indicator of the market. In general, I find that most investors enter and exit the market far too late and  […read more]

Upfront Investor 28-03-13 | The Market is a Perception of the Future

The world’s financial industry is concentrating on the debt crisis in Cyprus and as a result markets have finally started to fall away after being bullish. Whilst the situation in Cyprus is a concern what is occurring on the markets right now is quite normal. In this I don’t mean that the financial mess that  […read more]

Upfront Investor – Share Trading Software

Listen to this Australian Share Market Report via audio podcast just click Upfront Investor All too often I have people talk to me about being contacted by dubious companies promoting share market riches for anyone, regardless of how much knowledge and time they have. Some were sold over priced courses, others software, but for some  […read more]