Learn share market prediction techniques? Part 1

Can market movements really be predicted? Many people believe otherwise. There’s a long held perception that markets are completely random. So, I intend to use some simple examples to put this thinking to the test. Also, let me say, anyone can learn share market prediction techniques to profit from the share market. Seeing how the  […read more]

How many stocks should you hold? – Dale Gillham’s latest ASX Newsletter Article

By Dale Gillham Below is a small preview of my latest article for the June edition of the ASX newsletter. The ASX have titled it ‘How many stocks should you hold?’. You may want to read another article we have written for the ASX in recent times so follow this link. If you prefer to  […read more]

Prepare to trade commodities Part 3 – where to for oil?

share market education

This is a transcript for the third part of the series on trading commodities, which I recorded in March. I have included additional detail from the original analysis, as well as an update based on the recent price action. If you would prefer to listen to the podcast click here, otherwise find out what my  […read more]

Prepare to trade commodities and learn to trade – Part 2


This is a transcript for the second part of the series on trading commodities, which I recorded in March, about a turn in the commodities cycle. If you would prefer to listen to the podcast click here, otherwise read below. You can also listen to all previous podcasts here. Commodities have been down, however, does  […read more]

Prepare to trade commodities or Australian resources stocks…Part 1

image of mining machinery at work on iron ore mine

Remember Warren Buffet’s approach, to “Buy while there is blood in the streets”? Using the same thinking, we know that commodities and resources stocks are currently down and at a point in future this will change. This means that you are in a really good position to trade commodities or Australian iron ore stocks, and  […read more]

Wealth Within- What sector is important for your portfolio?

The Best Share Market Sectors

By Janine Cox Wealth Within In my previous blog post I discussed the Healthcare sector, in particular, I talked about company fundamentals, including the dividends paid by the bigger healthcare companies. However, a review of the Healthcare sector would not be complete without considering the technical side, or what the price charts show is probable  […read more]

Share Market Tips- 6 Stocks to Boost Your Portfolio

healthcare stocks image

This week as part of our regular share market tips, I’ve decided that the Healthcare sector would be an interesting subject to discuss, particularly in relation to the dividend yields that the bigger companies in the sector are paying. Whilst you might expect the biggest stocks in this sector to be paying dividends at or  […read more]

Wealth Within- Australian Productivity… How This Data Affects You

image of guy representing Australian productivity

David Murray, ex- CBA chief and chairman for an inquiry into our financial system, released findings from a recent inquiry. One area highlighted showed that Australian productivity is not keeping pace with wages growth. My concern is for first home buyers as without wages growth the affordability gap will only widen. Why Australian Productivity is  […read more]

Wealth Within- Iron Ore Price: Where Is It Headed Now?

image of mining machinery at work on iron ore mine

By Janine Cox In May, I discussed the iron ore price and the big iron ore miners. I also mentioned how the iron ore price was fast approaching the cost of production for some of the smaller miners and as this occurred we have seen a number of these stocks fall quite hard. Looking at  […read more]

Should Mining Tax Be Given The Flick?

A recent report released by the National Australia Bank stated that exporters’ sales have hit “a near 13-year high in March”. This, NAB suggests, indicates that the miners are “pumping out product from new and expanded mines”, while enjoying a lower dollar. The NAB says this is the part of the cycle where “investments start  […read more]