Managing Your Share Investments Successfully

One of the key criteria to astute investing is to consider when and how you will take your profits – in other words, you need to consider your exit strategy before you invest. Most investors never give this any consideration because when they invest they expect the asset to rise. And while the asset may  […read more]

Share Market Success Your 3 Golden Rules

By Dale Gillham I was recently talking with an auditor of self-managed super funds who claimed that more than 90% of the funds he audited were either running at a loss or achieving at best a 5% return. The poor performance was simply attributed to the investors’ lack of knowledge in how to select stocks  […read more]

Why ‘Buying and Holding’ Shares for the Long Term is Not a Good Strategy

Pick up any investment magazine and you will undoubtedly find an article sprouting the importance of investing for the long-term to achieve financial independence. And while this is true, you will often find that the article favours one particular investment over another depending on the writer’s bias. Indeed, the perennial debate comparing the returns on  […read more]