Dale Gillham – Client’s Lose Out As Dealer Groups ‘Rape & Pillage’

Regulatory changes theoretically designed to boost the quality and independence of advice are in reality further constricting it to the advantage of large licensees, claims an investment analyst. The increasing consolidation we’re seeing won’t be good for mum and dad investors, Wealth Within chief analyst Dale Gillham told ifa. “You see [certain institutions] out there  […read more]

Upfront Investor 28-03-13 | The Market is a Perception of the Future

The world’s financial industry is concentrating on the debt crisis in Cyprus and as a result markets have finally started to fall away after being bullish. Whilst the situation in Cyprus is a concern what is occurring on the markets right now is quite normal. In this I don’t mean that the financial mess that  […read more]

Nine Tips for Choosing a Super Fund | Janine Cox 01-03-13 Women’s Agenda

Have you ever stood in an ice-cream shop trying to decide which of the 100 flavours to have? You ask yourself, “do you play it safe or go for something new and exciting?” When it comes to choosing your superannuation it’s a bit like being at the ice-cream parlour, only you don’t get to enjoy  […read more]

Upfront Investor 01-03-13 | Is Our Market Beginning to Slow?

Last week I talked about the fact that the market may be close to making a short term top, and that generally “The market takes the stairs up and the elevator down”. When close to a market top we see bullishness slow as the big players and educated traders start taking profits, whilst the uneducated  […read more]

Leading Company | 10 Ways to Profit from Shares – Dale Gillham 22/2/2013

This week, Dale was featured in an article for Leading Company. Click here to read the full article   Dale Gillham Chief Analyst, Wealth Within Dale Gillham, ‘one of the country’s most respected analysts’ (Wealth Creator Magazine, Nov/Dec 2004), sought after key note speaker and author of the best selling book ‘How to Beat the Managed  […read more]

Upfront Investor 22-02-2013 | The Market Takes the Stairs Up and the Elevator Down

“The market takes the stairs up and the elevator down” is an old adage that would be familiar to those experienced in the share market. This investment motto refers to the fact that when bullish, the share market generally paces slowly upwards, pausing for brief periods before continuing to rise – similar to climbing a  […read more]

Ask Dale Gillham Share Trading Tips 19-02-13 Buru Energy Limited (BRU)

Hi everyone, ‘Ask Dale’ is a segment where each fortnight I review one listed company from the Australian share market, suggested by our Facebook subscribers. If you would like me to review a stock that you either currently hold or are looking to trade then please post your suggestion in the comments section of the ‘Ask  […read more]

Wins in All Directions – Dale Gillham Featured in Herald Sun 16 Feb 2013

This article was published in the Herald Sun on 16/2/13. Author: Karina Barrymore Investors should broaden their horizons, writes Karma Barrymore The share market has stolen the investment spotlight this year, as a rally offers the promise of higher superannuation and investment returns. However, it’s not all about equities cash and property are also tipped  […read more]

Economy Booms as Investors Eye Resource Sector – Courier Mail 18 Feb 2013

This article was featured in the Brisbane Courier Mail on 18/2/13 THE ASX 200 has hit a five year high and the performance of resource giant BHP Billiton and a swag of other blue-chip companies reporting this week will determine if it can maintain its momentum. RBS Morgan’s private client adviser Ken Howard said last  […read more]

Dale Gillham – Wealth Within Top Picks | BNO, VTG

This month Dale was featured in an article from DH Flinders – Corporate Advisors. In this article Dale discusses what he believes are two of the most promising microcap stocks on our market right now – Bionomics (BNO) and Vita Group (VTG). To read the full article click here