Prepare to trade commodities or Australian resources stocks…Part 1

image of mining machinery at work on iron ore mine

Remember Warren Buffet’s approach, to “Buy while there is blood in the streets”? Using the same thinking, we know that commodities and resources stocks are currently down and at a point in future this will change. This means that you are in a really good position to trade commodities or Australian iron ore stocks, and  […read more]

The Australian Share Market…Is It About To Crash?

Australian Share Market

Hi Traders, On Wednesday morning, I received a call from 4BC Talk Radio in Brisbane as they wanted to discuss the market falling heavily on Tuesday, particularly to find out why the Australian Share Market fell and what people should do. This interview on 4BC reminded me of a conversation I had a few days  […read more]

Australian Share Market Report-Woolworths time to get in or get out?

image of bull on wall street

Hi everyone, Woolworths shares have been falling of late, so where is the bottom? Does it have further to go or is now the time to be looking at getting in? Check out our latest Australian share market report for Business First magazine. For other share market hints, tips and trading strategies subscribe to our  […read more]

Stock Trading System-PLAN To Succeed…

all ordinaries index image 19-09-14

By Dale Gillham One of my early mentors recently asked me to speak on the secrets to share market success for the Geelong Central Rotary Club on the 14th October. Besides my excitement about being able to speak in my home town, the topic was also very exciting to me as I find most people  […read more]

Australian Stock Market Rise- Consumer Sentiment Paving The Way

consumer sentiment australian stock market image

By Dale Gillham This week you may have read how consumer sentiment in Australia has dropped back to levels not seen since the 1990’s. Like me, you may remember many things about that period, but consumer sentiment is unlikely to be one of them. As an investor, you simply want to know whether this data  […read more]

Why REAL Term Deposit Returns are Almost Zero…


By Dale Gillham Term deposit rates are still incredibly low, given historical norms, and as a depositor you may have decided to accept the current low payout rates being offered by your bank, in return for capital security. In these times, accepting such low term deposit returns may have you feeling like the begger, not  […read more]

BHP Billiton Dumped

bhp billiton logo image

By Dale Gillham BHP Billiton, the largest listed company on the Australian share market, has weathered all manner of financial storms, including the GFC, and this week the company announced it has boosted profits by a further 10 per cent. Given this, you would think that shareholders would be happy but this was not the  […read more]

Australian Share Market: Strength in Numbers

strength in numbers

With a rising Australian share market you may expect that shareholders would be satisfied with the activities of listed company boards. However, for a number of companies on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) this is clearly not the case. So why is this? Worley Parsons (WOR) is one company facing a multimillion dollar Class Action  […read more]

Australian Share Market: Bullish Mood is in The Air…

image of bull on wall street

This week reporting season kicks off for the Australian share market, with Transurban, RIO Tinto and Cochlear being some of the first companies off the block. Bulls in the Australian share market are sensing the buzz that is building for the second half of the year, and this excitement has stirred interest from first time  […read more]

Will Coles Become a Bank?

image of coles supermarket truck

A few years ago, the big diversified Australian Wesfarmers (WES), owner of Coles supermarkets, put a rubber stamp on plans for Coles to expand into finance, and this saw the release of credit cards and insurance products under the Coles brand. Now Coles plans to take their foray into finance to a whole different level  […read more]