Share Market Tips- 6 Stocks to Boost Your Portfolio

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This week as part of our regular share market tips, I’ve decided that the Healthcare sector would be an interesting subject to discuss, particularly in relation to the dividend yields that the bigger companies in the sector are paying. Whilst you might expect the biggest stocks in this sector to be paying dividends at or  […read more]

Trading System-Why You Should Follow a Solid, Successful One


Well, I’ve been at it again. Over the weekend I was head first into yet another fascinating trading book. I’ve set myself a goal this year to read at least five trading books based around trading psychology or successful traders. You might recall in a previous post I discussed theories and strategies expressed in Mark  […read more]

Wealth Within- Australian Productivity… How This Data Affects You

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David Murray, ex- CBA chief and chairman for an inquiry into our financial system, released findings from a recent inquiry. One area highlighted showed that Australian productivity is not keeping pace with wages growth. My concern is for first home buyers as without wages growth the affordability gap will only widen. Why Australian Productivity is  […read more]

Wealth Within- Iron Ore Price: Where Is It Headed Now?

image of mining machinery at work on iron ore mine

By Janine Cox In May, I discussed the iron ore price and the big iron ore miners. I also mentioned how the iron ore price was fast approaching the cost of production for some of the smaller miners and as this occurred we have seen a number of these stocks fall quite hard. Looking at  […read more]

Learn To Trade- Tips and traps you need to know

By Dale Gillham The most important priority for traders or those wanting to learn to trade is to enter or exit a trade at the highest probable time in fact the question I get asked most here at Wealth Within by those who want to learn to trade the share market is how to know  […read more]

Share Market Tips


By Dale Gillham The Australian share market can seem a bit like a minefield for uneducated investors and traders who don’t understand the risk they are taking. If you are one of these and you believe that the share market is risky business, it means you are probably like many others, missing out on profiting  […read more]

Do You Invest For Income? What You Need To Know.

By Janine Cox Investors who invest for income, get angry when governments tinker with policy which impacts thier investment returns as many, including retirees, rely on income they receive from dividends and franking credits. The proposed change to the company tax rate is one that will see many investors left out of pocket. However, there  […read more]

Australian Share Market-When Will The Bubble Burst?

By Dale Gillham Throughout history investment bubbles come and go, and when they go generally people’s hopes and dreams go with them. Often matters are made worse by commentators talking about bubbles in a way that creates fear, when they ought to be helping us understand the bubble before it bursts. Knowing how bubbles work  […read more]

Trading Plan- Your Secret To Success In the Share Market


We have all heard the statement ‘If you fail to plan, you plan to fail’. So powerful are these words, yet so few seem to grasp the essence of what they really mean. For years, I have listened to literally thousands of people around Australia share their desire to be financially free. For some, however,  […read more]

8 Keys To Share Trading Success

By Dale Gillham This week was a little out of the ordinary for me as rather than sitting in front of the computer analyzing stocks and all the other fun stuff I do here at Wealth Within, I had the opportunity (as our education consultant Michael was away sick) to get on the phone and  […read more]