Beware of the get rich quick. Upfront Investor market wrap 1-09-09

[youtube][/youtube]When talking to people about investing in the share market, I often get asked how much should I invest? This question usually stems from the person’s perception of the return they will make on their capital. But they may as well ask me how long is a piece of string as there are so many  […read more]

So you want to be a full time trader- ASX- Newsletter

This article was published in the ASX newsletter this month and proved to be very popular, so again I thought I would share the link with everyone.  Just follow the link below to the ASX website. luck and good trading.Dale

10 Tips to make money-ASX newsletter

I was looking around and remembered I wrote this article for the ASX newsletter, and thought it worthwhile putting it into this blog.Just follow the link to the ASX website. Good luck and good trading. Dale Gillham Wealth Within

ASIC on advisors commission. Upfront Investor share market report 24-08-09

[youtube][/youtube] ASIC, in its submission to a parliamentary enquiry into financial products and services, has been critical of the trail fees or commissions paid to financial advisors, and rightly so. Many investors have indicated that they do not use a financial planner because they feel a lack of independence in the advice they receive, and  […read more]

Upfront Investor Share Market Wrap 31st July 09

[youtube][/youtube] 31st July, 2009 Market Wrap   Economic forecasts have predicted that unemployment will rise over the next year and with revenues down on previous years for many businesses, this is quite a possibility. That said many businesses are preferring to move their employees from full time to part time employment to avoid the high  […read more]

Upfront Investor Share market wrap 10-07-09

[youtube][/youtube]The issue confronting a lot of Australian’s right now is whether or not to fix interest rates on their housing loans. The banks have already raised their fixed interest rates potentially in an effort to entice home owners to lock in a rate now before they rise again. So should Australians be looking at locking  […read more]

Market Wrap 3 July 2009

[youtube][/youtube] The ASX has announced a proposal that would allow retail investors direct access to the bond market in the same way investors buy and sell shares on the exchange. Access to debt funding through the issue of bonds has traditionally been sourced through wholesale markets, but due to a lack of liquidity in this  […read more]

Article: Laws of Wealth Creation

Financial independence is a goal many strive to achieve, yet only a few accomplish. Why is this the case when we live in such a prosperous country? The most common reason is lack of knowledge in how to create financial independence, while others lack the desire or confidence in their ability to obtain the knowledge.  […read more]

Share Market Wrap 12th Oct 07

Last week while holidaying in New Zealand, I was reminded that investors don’t actually pay capital gains on their investments. However, the same cannot be said for Australia. In my opinion I believe we pay far too much tax on our investments especially when it comes to property where stamp duty and land taxes makes  […read more]

Share Market Wrap 18th May 2007

In recent years, reverse mortgages have gained considerable momentum as a way for retirees to unlock the equity in their home to fund retirement. But is this the best option or is it simply a way for the banks to profit yet again? Given that the value of the property is locked in at the  […read more]