Learn How To Trade- Live Share Trading Workshop

Although we get asked every week, for around eight years Wealth Within has not conducted a public workshop (although we have done the odd presentation or short seminar for the likes of the ASX, ASA and others) preferring to only do them for our traders and students.

Well the times they are a changing!!

We chose a long time ago that spending time and focussing our efforts in supporting our traders and students in the Diploma and Advanced Diploma of Share Trading and Investment was more important. From that moment on the feedback from them was that we made the right choice. But times do change and I have been getting itchy feet!! Especially as the market is now more bullish and we are getting so many more people contacting us wanting to learn how to trade. We are also getting lots of stories from people trying to trade but are getting hit and miss results in their trading. So if you are a little lost as to how to get started or what to do to improve results.

In this workshop we will fix all that!

So come along have some fun, meet great traders, learn how to trade or re-ignite your passion for trading! Watch the video below where Dale Gillham talks about what will be covered during the day and why you need to be there.


This is a one off one day live in person share trading workshop right here in Melbourne. The workshop will cover everything we teach in the ten lessons of the Your Trading Mentor Course only face to face so yo can ask what you like whenever you like!!

We will cover everything in more depth during the day and we also apply it onto up to date charts on stocks of your choice so you learn how to trade properly and are armed with knowledge and information and prepared on the Monday to start working on your portfolio with confidence.

We constantly see companies charging between $1000 and $2000 for a day like this, however we have a super super special deal to get you to come along as we want you to have this education so you can start trading now and take advantage of the good market conditions.

Even more benefits

We will have beginners and experienced traders in the room, so anything can happen and we could literally go anywhere and that’s the exciting part for both you and me!

You will get a great education and face to face access to chat to real traders who have already traveled the path.

Attend the workshop and get to talk one on one with Wealth Within Institute Advanced Diploma and Diploma graduates along with members of our team. This has never occurred in a public workshop environment like this ever.

To find out how you can attend call the office on 1300 742 738 or email info@wealthwithin.com.au

Want to know more? Click on the link below to watch a video of me talking about the day and why you need to attend.

Trading Mentor Workshop

See you there!

Dale Gillham

Chief Analyst

Wealth Within