Share Market Education Students Talk Trading

Real Share Traders………Real Stories

We are often asked for real life stories, of real life traders, by those looking for share market education, so here they are.

Are you one of those people who have wondered about whether or not trading is for you, whether or not you could actually successfully undertake a share market education course, or even trade successfully yourself? Maybe you are just curious about who traders really are and what they do?  If so, keep reading about the journey taken by others just like you to become successful.

Some people who desire to trade but have yet to go down that path make comments about successful traders such as:

– It’s fine for them as they are smart and have a degree, so trading would be simple for them

– They have more time than I do so it is alright for them

– They have money so it is easy for them

– I work too much so don’t have the time to learn and trade like them

What we have found is that it doesn’t matter where you come from, how old you are, or what your educational background is, how much time or money you have, as anyone can learn to trade successfully. The below stories will show you how anyone with a desire to succeed can do so.

The first step is to get the right share market education, so you get trading profitably, and faster.

The below are video’s from real traders who have undertaken our share market education, in the Diploma of Share Trading and Investment, at the Wealth Within Institute.

We asked these students why they wanted to learn to trade, what was their most valuable lesson about share trading, along with other very important questions.

Again, these students have all undertaken share market education, in the Diploma of Share Trading and Investment, with the Wealth Within Institute, and are trading successfully. All have come through the GFC and are going strong on their journey to achieving their goals.

Video of Kylie

Video of Ben you can also read Ben’s full story by clicking the link below.

Watch our video of other students who share their experiences about our share market education courses click here. This video includes Ray talking about his journey, and you can read his full story below.

We have also included links to articles by some of the many past students who have undertaken share market education by completing the Diploma of Share Trading and Investment, and who have been interviewed by Your Trading Edge magazine over the years.

In these articles, they talk about their experience in trading, why they trade and how they trade.

All of the students have completed their share trading education in the Diploma Of Share Trading and Investment, and some have also completed other more advanced share trading education courses at the Wealth Within Institute.

Read John’s story – John, a farmer, uses his trading knowledge to trade commodities that he grows, and this helps reduce the risk with farming.

Read Eric’s story – Working in an industry that is dying, with limited options, Eric learned how to trade to reduce the financial risk on his family.

Read Tanya’s story – A former professional in the finance industry, this mum of three young children learned how to trade so she could earn an income and stay at home with her children.

Read Bob’s story – Bob gave up the long commute into the big city to trade so he could be with his family more.

Read Glenn’s story – If you think that you face hurdles in learning to trade, then think about Glenn. Glenn is a young guy in his prime, and had a road accident that lead him to become a quadriplegic, however, he now trades to earn a living.

Read Ray’s story – Ray retired from the military and is now trading and travelling.

Read Ben’s story – Ben is a young single guy who works in the mines in QLD. Ben aims to give up the mines to trade full time.

Read Erika’s story – Erika is living the dream of being retired, and is travelling with her partner and trading.

Read David’s story – David is a young father who wants to trade full time so he can spend more time with his kids.

Read Kelli’s story – Kelli is young, newly married and wanting to work from home to run their new business and trade.

Read Sonya’s story – Sonya a mature aged nurse who changed jobs so she could trade more and achieve her goals.

If after reading all of these you are still unsure whether our share market education courses, or even if trading, is for you then try our risk free 10 lesson course Trading Mentor. You can go through the whole course in 30 days and if you are not happy you will get a 100% refund. So make a decision today and get started.

If you have questions about our share market education, and you can start your journey, or if you just need to chat to one of our team, call 1300 742 738 or email