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Dale Gillham Chief Analyst of Wealth Within talks trading

A little while ago I caught up with authors and seasoned traders Louise Bedford and Chris Tate for lunch and a chat.

Louise brought along her audio recorder, because when we three get together anything can be, and usually is, discussed. Anyone eavesdropping on our conversations would certainly get a great eye-opening education on trading the share market, trading psychology, and how the share market really works.

Normally, these are private conversations, however, this time we have decided to allow you to listen in on what we talked about.

We all know that trading is 80% psychology, or “Art”, and 20% science, and over lunch we chatted in depth about the “Art” of trading and how new traders can survive the markets.

Rather than just sharing this with our Diploma of Share Trading and Investment students, I thought I would post a link to this great discussion here, on our Wealth Within Blog, so you can listen in too.

So sit back, grab a coffee, beer, glass of Chardonnay, or whatever you like, then click on the link to listen to this episode of Talking Trading.


Dale Gillham

Chief Analyst

Wealth Within